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Kwantek Team
3 Tips for Managing Security Guards at Lower Rates

High turnover rates can be common in the contract security industry,..

Kwantek Team
6 Tips to Retain Good Security Guards

Turnover is always a challenge in the contract security industry, but not..

Kwantek Team
Kwantek 2018 Year in Review: Bringing You More, Better Applicants

When it comes it hiring in the commercial cleaning and security industries,..

Kwantek Team
Introducing: The Prospects Tab

Our internal data has shown nearly two out of three candidates will start an..

Kwantek Team
Red Flags to Watch for When Hiring Cleaning Staff

If you’re in charge of hiring cleaning staff in the commercial cleaning..

Kwantek Team
Why Your Applicant Volume is Decreasing and How to Stop the Bleeding

Today’s world is filled with distractions.

Kwantek Team
What We're Watching at the 2018 BSCAI Contracting Success Conference

Our team is in Dallas presenting at the ISSA Show North America in booth..

Kwantek Team
Security Guard vs. Security Officer - Which Should You Use?

So, you have a position opening up in your contract security firm. Now is..

Kwantek Team
Most Searched Building Services Job Titles of 2018

For Building Services Companies, the first step in getting a job applicant..

Kwantek Team
Text Reminders Provide Lift in Applicant Volume

In a world filled with distractions, most people have difficulty completing..

Kwantek Team
Kwantek Launches MyGuardJobs.com

LOUISVILLE, KY, September 25th, 2018 - Kwantek has announced the launch of a..

Collie King
Establishing a Company Culture Built for Long-Term Retention

Among the most overused buzzwords in business today is “company culture.”..

Collie King
Creating a 30-Day Employee Engagement Plan

In the Building Services Industry, 44% of new hires don’t make it past 30..

Collie King
How to Hire Candidates for Long-Term Retention

In the BSC and Security Industries, the work for hiring managers and HR..

Collie King
Retention Metrics to Monitor

As you know, employee turnover is a major problem in the Building Services..

Kwantek Team
Four Steps to Reducing Turnover and Improving Retention

Hiring for private security and building services contractors never stops...

Kwantek Team
Kwantek Clients See Growth in Applicant Volume

Over the past several years, there has been a growing consensus among..

Kwantek Team
Working Style 2.0 in Action

Recently, we introduced our latest update to our Working Style Assessment..

Kwantek Team
Introducing: Working Style Assessment 2.0

Using our working style assessment, we have been able to analyze millions of..

An Exercise in Frustration - Hiring Talent in a Tight Labor Market
Originally posted by Claudia St. John, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President – Affinity..
Collie King
Mastering Messaging in Your Recruiting Process

This is the final post in a five-part series on the pre-hire process in..

Collie King
How to Modify Your Job Application to Increase Applicant Volume

This is the fourth post in a five-part series on the pre-hire process in..

Jeff Davis
Google's Impact on Job Boards

Google Hire launched in mid-2017 while every ATS provider held their breath...

Collie King
The True Goal of the Phone Screen

This is the third post in a five-part series on the pre-hire process in..

Collie King
The Most Important Person in the Interview Process

This is the second post in a five-part series on the pre-hire process in..

Collie King
Who's Interviewing Who? A Counterintuitive Approach to the Hiring Process

This is the first in a five-part series on the pre-hire process in..

Kwantek Team
Perfecting the Pre-Hire Process: A Five Part Series

For 15 years, Kwantek has served the recruiting needs of thousands of..

Kwantek Team
2018 TEAM Client Conference Preview

We are so excited to be at the TEAM Client Conference once again in Omaha,..

Kwantek Team
Top Hiring Metrics to Monitor for High Turnover Industries

Your hiring process should be methodical, well-calculated, and driven by..

Kwantek Team
When Background Screening Finds Criminal Records: Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), nine out of..

Collie King
How to Increase Janitor Applicant Volume

Most BSC companies maintain the need for high applicant volume. High..

Collie King
Five Reasons Security Guards Quit (And How to Prevent It)

The annual turnover rate for the average private security firm is over 75%..

Kwantek Team
WOTC Explained

For high-turnover industries focused on hiring hourly employees, it’s common..

Kwantek Team
How to Hire Security Guards Quickly

Many times when you need to hire security guards, you needed to hire them..

Collie King
How to Write the Perfect Job Listing for a Janitor

People always ask me how they can get more long-term candidates interested..

Collie King
2018 BSCAI CEO Review

What a great week in Los Cabos! I had such a great experience spending time..

Kwantek Team
Kwantek & Indeed Announce Enhanced Partnership

LOUISVILLE, KY | Kwantek has announced a strategic partnership with Indeed,..

Kwantek Team
Top Commercial Cleaning Industry Events in 2018

Industry events can be extremely valuable to your business in helping you..

Kwantek Team
Top Janitorial Softwares of 2018

Many commercial cleaning companies have a handful of tools they have “duct..

Collie King
How to Write the Perfect Job Listing for a Security Guard

Years ago, when the recession was at its peak, it was easy to write a job..

Collie King
2018 BSCAI CEO Seminar Preview

The BSCAI CEO Seminar is always a great way to take a step back and get..

Kwantek Team
Recruiting for Hourly, Low Skilled Workers

Whenever we ask our clients about their most difficult challenge, they..

Kwantek Team
Rethinking Drug Testing for Marijuana

I received a call from a client two weeks ago who was struggling with a..

Kwantek Team
Trump & The Workplace - What to Expect

Over the past six months, since the start of the Trump Administration, I..

Kwantek Team
5 Tips For Conducting an Effective Job Interview

Much has been written about how ineffectual job interviews can be for..

Kwantek Team
Introducing Generation Z!

I am bewildered by the multi-tasking capabilities of my two teenage sons. ..

Kwantek Team
An Update on the State of the Employment Union

A Message From Your Friendly, Pessimistic HR Expert

Kwantek Team
Your Employees Use Their Own Cellphones at Work. But You Still Need a Policy.

Over the past two decades, cellular telephones have morphed from being..

Kwantek Team
Confidentiality, Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation: Protect Your Company, but Tread Carefully

While a cornerstone of employment law is employment-at-will, a doctrine..

Kwantek Team
Security America, Inc names Kwantek 2016 Vendor of the Year

Security America, Inc holds annual awards for business partners that help..

Kwantek Team
HR Resolutions for 2017

Employment-related lawsuits have been climbing steadily for years, as have..

Kwantek Team
Effective January 22, 2017 - New I9 Federal Form Requirements

The federal I-9 form, which verifies an employee’s identity and right to..

Kwantek Team
On the Clock Or Off the Clock – What Is Compensable Time?

While most employers understand their minimum wage and overtime obligations..

Kwantek Team
Overtime Rules & Hours Worked

Calculating Overtime Pay:  Often Not Such a Simple Proposition

With the..

Kwantek Team
Managing a Protected Employee

The most common challenge that our clients face involves navigating how to..

Kwantek Team
Avoiding Discrimination Lawsuits

Having been involved in more than a thousand investigations, I have learned..

Kwantek Team
Case Study: Digital Recruiting and Hiring Process

Recruiting talent is a challenge in 2016. To address this challenge,..

Kwantek Team
Five Common Human Resources Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

Let’s face it, no one loves human resources. Very few people get excited..

Kwantek Team
HR Analytics: Filtering and Keeping Candidates

Using HR data analytics software to make personnel decisions can help any..

Kwantek Team
Compliance Tips

With employment laws that are constantly changing and employment lawsuits..

Kwantek Team
New Hire Forms: Stay Simple and Compliant

Once an employee is hired, there are many new hire forms to fill out to..

Kwantek Team
Ban the Box

With a hit Netflix series dealing with life in prison under her belt, Orange..

Kwantek Team
Tips for Computer Safety During the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, you’re probably beginning to bring on..

Kwantek Team
The Candidate Experience

According to Forbes, a good candidate experience is brilliant marketing for..

Kwantek Team
What Negligent Retention Could Cost You

Are you monitoring employees after they are hired?  Post-hire background..

Kwantek Team
How Background Screenings Can Save Your Organization

If your organization is like most, you are always looking for ways to save..

Kwantek Team
Hiring The Wrong Person: Security Industry Nightmares

Hiring the wrong person can cost your security company thousands of dollars..

Kwantek Team
How Applicant Tracking Systems Change the Hiring Process

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS's) offer software that brings your hiring..

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