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Kwantek Team
Introducing: Working Style Assessment 2.0

Using our working style assessment, we have been able to analyze millions of..

Kwantek Team
Recruiting for Low-Skilled Jobs: A Five Part Series

For 15 years, Kwantek has served the recruiting needs of thousands of..

Kwantek Team
2018 TEAM Client Conference Preview

We are so excited to be at the TEAM Client Conference once again in Omaha,..

Kwantek Team
Top Hiring Metrics to Monitor for High Turnover Industries

Your hiring process should be methodical, well-calculated, and driven by..

Kwantek Team
When Background Screening Finds Criminal Records: Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), nine out of..

Kwantek Team
WOTC Explained

For high-turnover industries focused on hiring hourly employees, it’s common..

Kwantek Team
How to Hire Security Guards Quickly

Many times when you need to hire security guards, you needed to hire them..

Kwantek Team
Kwantek & Indeed Announce Enhanced Partnership

LOUISVILLE, KY | Kwantek has announced a strategic partnership with Indeed,..

Kwantek Team
Top Commercial Cleaning Industry Events in 2018

Industry events can be extremely valuable to your business in helping you..

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