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Four Ways Interview Self Scheduling Improves your Hiring Processes

Speed up your interviewing process and put scheduling decisions in the candidate’s hands with interview self scheduling.

Kwantek Team

Cleaning and security hiring managers are all too familiar with the struggles around scheduling interviews. Going back and forth with candidates to find a time that works, candidates who don’t show up for their interviews, and inconsistent processes not only cost your business in lost time, it also results in positions being left open longer than they should and understaffing.

While statistics around missed interviews aren’t officially tracked, LinkedIn’s editor-at-large says anywhere between 20 and 50% of scheduled candidates “ghost” their interviews with little or no warning. That percentage could be even higher in industries like cleaning and security. One key to reducing interview scheduling obstacles is to implement a hiring and onboarding software with an interview self-scheduling component. Here’s a list of four ways interview self-scheduling technology can streamline your interview scheduling processes.

Empower job seekers

Interview self scheduling empowers the job seeker by giving them the ability to choose a time that works for them. In turn, that helps alleviate no-call, no-shows to interviews because the candidate has predetermined it’s a fit for them and is more likely to show up.

Set it and forget it

When using an interview self-scheduling feature, the calendar available to your candidate dynamically updates based on the hiring manager’s availability. This eliminates overbooking and the need to reschedule interviews your hiring manager can’t make it to. 

Establish an interview cadence

Interview self scheduling helps companies establish a cadence for interviews — and stick to it. For example, your hiring team can determine they want to schedule interviews on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m., in 30-minute increments. Managers can settle into a routine and better plan their schedules around these expectations. 

Gain data on your hiring processes

Interview self scheduling helps companies gain oversight of their hiring processes and managers actions. Use collected data from your software to spot trends, reinforce good habits and make improvements where needed.

The amount of time it takes to hire a new employee is a huge factor to the success of your cleaning or security company. Streamline and improve your hiring processes by taking advantage of all the features your hiring and onboarding technology has to offer — including Kwantek’s new advanced interview self-scheduling feature.

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