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Google's Impact on Job Boards

How to Leverage Google's New Tools in an Evolving Industry
Jeff Davis

Google Hire launched in mid-2017 while every ATS provider held their breath. To date, it hasn’t disrupted the market like many thought it would. Niche players (like us at Kwantek) are still thriving in our markets, specializing in solving the specific hiring need of our clients. Google is notoriously tight-lipped about their go-to market strategy, but a few recent developments may reveal their strategy. The first indication showed up in search results a few months back.

As a marketer, I’m constantly evaluating and adjusting strategy to meet the new (and secretive) demands of Google SEO. SEO and PPC are the revenue building blocks for Google; prime real estate is at the top of the page. When I first joined Kwantek, the top of the job search results were owned by the 800lb gorilla in the market, Indeed. Recently things changed. Search for ‘cleaning jobs in Dayton, OH’ and now you get a completely different result:

There is no more PPC advertising at the top. Google is returning jobs directly into a mini-job board. If you click on the ‘100+ more jobs’ link, you get to a full Google job board:

Google not only built Google Hire, they’re now creating a macro job board fed from other job boards like Glassdoor. Some players like Snag and ZipRecruiter are a combination of job boards and ATS so this is not unprecedented, but it’s an aggressive move for sure. From an applicant and consumer standpoint, how many job seekers are going directly to the sites they know vs. typing a job search into their browser? The jury is still out but if history tells us anything, it’s smart to bet on Google.

Our answer was simple: Let’s feed to Google’s job board! The integration is finished and Kwantek jobs are starting to show up on the Google job boards. Just like SEO, they have an algorithm for placement so we’re still tweaking with our feed. Over time we should be able to optimize Kwantek placements with Google.

With unemployment at record lows and open jobs outpacing available workers, our strategy is shifting also. As the largest job boards are consolidating and Google looks to create an even bigger version through search, we feel the best tactic for our client’s is to focus even more on their target employees. That means:

  • Creating tools designed only for security guards and janitorial staff:
  • Finding ways to attract new potential employees to the industry, and cultivate them for the next great opportunity.
  • Placing new candidates in the perfect job to match their working style.

Our first step is feeding directly to Google, because we believe our client’s next hire will be there soon enough. Our next step is to build a job board ecosystem solely designed to cultivate new guards and janitors. Stay tuned for our upcoming launch!

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