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How the Cleaning Industry Can Achieve Hiring Velocity During COVID-19

A spike in job openings across the cleaning industry means cleaning companies need to be ready to hire quickly.
Kwantek Team

As the spread of coronavirus increased in March, the cleaning industry saw an incredible spike in job openings across the board. ZipRecruiter says help-wanted ads for cleaning services specifically spiked 75% in March compared to demand from March 2019. Additionally, unemployment in this sector was at a record low of 2% in March 2020, resulting in a smaller available hiring pool for these essential services during this crisis. It’s unclear whether this spike will sustain throughout the pandemic, but companies working in the cleaning sector should be prepared with the best possible solutions to hire quickly, effectively and compliantly all while maintaining an excellent candidate experience.

With large increases in demand coupled with low unemployment rates, the cleaning industry cannot sacrifice speed when it comes to hiring. If your hiring process takes longer than a competitor, you may miss out on available candidates and be forced to start the process over. Given the uncertainty of this crisis and the lack of clarity on extended cleaning services needs, it’s important to capitalize now on this demand to continue to weather this storm.

When working with hiring partners like background screening services, it’s more important than ever to look even more closely into how they operate and are able to withstand these uncertainties and potential roadblocks like court closures. Traditional background checks force companies to make trade-offs between maintaining compliance and increasing speed to hire. Cleaning companies can no longer accept choosing either hiring velocity or safety. Hiring teams need quick, frictionless solutions that meet their trust and safety standards while embracing dynamic technology that puts the candidate at the center.

Within Kwantek, hiring teams can use Checkr, a strategic background check partner, to easily screen candidates to continue to move them through the hiring process. Once you’re ready to start the background check process, you can kick it off inside of Kwantek. Checkr then emails the candidate the required authorizations and disclosures to begin the screening process efficiently. After the check is complete, HR teams can see the status of each candidates’ background check from the job listing page in Kwantek and quickly move to the next step in the hiring process.   

Continuing to hire during this crisis, as well as rehiring after it, is sure to pose challenges to all industries. But with Kwantek and Checkr, the cleaning industry can maintain or increase their hiring velocity without sacrificing on compliance, candidate experience or availability of essential report information.

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