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How to Increase Janitor Applicant Volume

Collie King

Most BSC companies maintain the need for high applicant volume. High turnover and acquisition of new clients make hiring a constant. What’s not always a constant is keeping up a steady flow of applicants. Here are four tips to make sure your applicant pool remains full and healthy.

Tip #1 - Make sure your job postings are appealing

There’s no better way to improve applicant volume than to make sure your job postings actually appeal to the reader. Beyond listing the job duties - sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms - what’s in it for the applicant? Is your pay competitive? Is it a good location? Is it for a good cause? You have to make the applicant feel like this could be more than just another cleaning job. Be sure to read our post on how to write the perfect posting for a janitor to make sure your posts have maximum appeal. 

Tip #2 - Constantly repost your job postings

Posting to sites like Indeed and Craigslist are great ways to get a lot of people to see your job posting. However, these sites are regularly being updated with dozens of new jobs every single day, pushing your posting further down the list. We recommend deleting and re-posting your open positions at least once a week to maintain high positioning on the various job portals.

Tip #3 - Maintain a database of previous applicants

You’re not going to hire every applicant. They could be a bad fit for the position, or they could decide to choose another employer. However, they applied for a reason - they thought your company could be a good fit for them. This means they are the perfect candidate to notify of future job postings. By keeping a database of these applicants, you can make sure they’re up to date on new opportunities you have available. This will generate more interest in your open jobs from high quality candidates who may not have been actively searching. You can send notifications to these applicants through any email automation software, or you can do this very easily with a good applicant tracking system.

Tip #4 - Have a referral program

Referral programs are a fantastic way to not only boost your applicant volume, but improve your applicant quality. When your employee refers a candidate to you, they’re telling you they want to work with this person. This means there is a high likelihood that your new applicant and your existing employee have a greater chance of being happy with their job and sticking around for a longer period of time.

We all know hiring for cleaning jobs is an ongoing battle, but by creating systems to ensure regular applicant flow, you can significantly minimize the number of times you’re scrambling to make that hire.



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