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Indeed’s Definition of a ‘Recruitment-Based Company’ Expands

BSC and Security Companies Are Slowly Being Forced to Pay for Job Postings on Indeed
Jeff Davis

As has been said many times, nothing is truly ‘free’ - or at least ‘free’ rarely lasts forever.

In the world of recruiting, we saw Indeed end free postings for staffing agencies in January. Now they have expanded the definition to include BSC and Security companies. The note below is actively being sent to BSC and Security customers of Indeed:

indeed email_recruitment based

Indeed’s definition of Recruitment-Based Companies is clear, and per their terms of use, they have the right to remove any job post, at any time, for any reason. Following Indeed’s line of thinking it makes sense that nearly all labor and trade positions would be next.

Although the communication above is the official position of Indeed, we’ve heard conflicting and misleading information from Customer Service and Sales reps.

Some have claimed this isn’t a real strategy, others have blamed the ATS. These employees simply aren’t privy to Indeed’s strategic decisions made by sheltered groups like Search Quality.

Over the past week we’ve surveyed the industry and confirmed this policy has hit BSC and Security companies from various ATS’s and even some that post directly on Indeed.

This tactic is nothing new and is actually quite common in modern times. Craigslist was free until 2016, but now it’s a paid job board. Monster and Careerbuilder both charged huge premiums in their heyday.

It’s even prevalent in the consumer world: In 2007 Netflix online streaming was FREE! The strategy is to give something away, make you dependent, then charge for the service.

We know that a steady stream of applicants is the life-blood for high-turnover industries, and ‘free’ sources help make recruiting more economical. At Kwantek, we’ve anticipated this move by Indeed and have dedicated the past few months to developing new ways to free applicants:

  • Facebook Jobs - If you haven’t enabled Facebook jobs yet, you’re missing out! Our clients report finding a completely new pool of candidates on the social media platform.
  • Zip Recruiter - We’re finalizing our integration through Zip Apply, an organic feed to Zip Recruiter’s job board.
  • MyGuardJobs.com and MyCleaningJobs.com - We’re investing heavily in driving new traffic to our industry boards in improving the applicant experience.

We still recommend that our clients sponsor on Indeed and other job boards, but the options above give our clients an economical way to drive applicants without paying for sponsored posts.

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