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Introducing: The Prospects Tab

Our latest release has doubled the number of prospective job candidates for our clients
Kwantek Team

Our internal data has shown nearly two out of three candidates will start an application without completing it.

This is corroborated by a recent article by the Society for Human Resources Management, which stated a 60% application abandonment rate.

Prospects will abandon an application for a number of different reasons. Maybe they don’t have previous employer information. Maybe they ran out of time and have to head to their current job. Maybe their child started screaming.

Whatever the reason, we want to have the contact information for everybody who starts and abandons the application process so that we can remind them to complete it.

This is why we have introduced the Prospects Tab inside Kwantek.

As a result, the average Kwantek client has seen their prospective candidate pool double since it has launched.



Follow up with Incomplete Applicants

The Prospects Tab provides visibility into applicants that have expressed interest in your open positions, but have not fully completed their application. You can now reach out to these potential applicants who meet your criteria.

Enhanced Filtering Options

The Prospects Tab allows you to filter each candidate so you can quickly weed out the ones you don’t want. Filter by distance from job or answers to job-specific questions. From there, set your level of interest in any given prospective candidate, and contact the ones that look the best.

Feedback from Kwantek Customers
Absolutely love this new feature. Truly amazing job. Our company has hired at least 20 people from the prospects tab already. - Daniel C.
The "Prospects" tab is really good; as was Kwantek's applicant tracking system before it. Overall, no matter what Kwantek does, it turns out well, and their customer service is still the best. Out of all the vendors that I deal with, Kwantek is consistently my favorite one. - John P.
Need more applicants?

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Prospects Tab can make an impact in increasing your overall candidate volume for all your jobs, click here to schedule a demo with a Kwantek representative today!


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