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Top Janitorial Softwares of 2018

Kwantek Team

Many commercial cleaning companies have a handful of tools they have “duct taped” together that work, but challenges are quick to present themselves. Teaching multiple new softwares to new employees can be a pain, and many times the softwares don’t effectively communicate data with one another.

With so many different needs - scheduling, time tracking, inspecting, invoicing, client & employee communication - it’s best to find one solution that can do as much as possible for your business.

We have identified four key softwares that specialize in helping commercial cleaning companies handle most or all these needs on an easy-to-use platform.

1) TEAM Software

TEAM Software is specifically designed for contractors in the building services industry. They have been a name brand in the industry for nearly 30 years and continue to be the gold standard for janitorial software. If you're looking for a tool that can do it all, TEAM is a great first place to look. 

TEAM is specifically designed for building services contractors and employee-owned. This means all your communication with TEAM's support is going to be with someone who not only is an expert in the industry but is personally invested in your success. That has translated to some of the highest marks on customer service in the industry.

2) Swept

 Swept is relatively new to the scene, but their software is quite impressive both in capabilities and ease of use. It is a beautifully designed software that will certainly impress your clients with the way it looks and the way it performs. As opposed to softwares like TEAM, Swept is hyperfocused in making sure your site managers are communicating effectively with you and the client. 

The consensus from all online reviews is extremely positive. Customers rave about how the tool has helped their employees engage with each other, helping them better gauge employee satisfaction. Customer support also receives frequent high marks, with users noting they are very helpful and quick to respond.

3) CleanTelligent

CleanTelligent is another that really does it all. All its modules are customizable to your needs. For example, each site can have its own unique inspection list and reporting is customizable based on a number of different factors. Reviews continue to mention excellent customer support, and they have won the ISSA Innovation Award Program on multiple occasions. 

4) Accelerator CC

Accelerator CC can do as little or as much as you'd like. They have multiple different product lines for each component of your business. So for example, if you like your proposal software, you can choose an Accelerator CC bundle that does not have the proposal software component. This helps you make sure you can stay within your budget especially if you already have a tool you like.

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