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Jobs on Facebook Showing Big Results for Kwantek Clients

Kwantek Team

LOUISVILLE, KY - In May 2019, Kwantek announced a new integration with Jobs on Facebook. As a result, clients are seeing a growing pool of applicants.

In just 90 days, Facebook has become the #2 source of applicants for Kwantek clients, and that number is rising dramatically.

“In the recruiting world, applicant sourcing changes on a dime,” said Kwantek President Jeff Davis. “We’ve seen constant evolution in how companies are getting applicants over the last 20 years. This is just another example of that evolution.”

Kwantek clients have received over 20,000 applicants directly from the integration, and Facebook now accounts for over 10% of all applicant volume for Kwantek.

“Facebook is a powerful place to recruit with over 2.7B people” said Davis. “That’s where people are spending their time, and the integration makes the application process incredibly simple. It’s a perfect fit for them to enter this space.”

Job posts may appear in multiple places on Facebook, including a business' Company Page, Jobs News Feed, via Notifications, the News Feed and in Marketplace.

Once people find a job that they want to apply to, job applications can be filled directly on Facebook website or mobile app. The application will populate job history and other existing information available in the candidate's Facebook profile, which can be edited prior to submission, so they can control how much, or how little of their information is shared with the potential employer.

“We’re always exploring new ways to source applicants,” said Davis, “and we’re very pleased with the early results from Facebook. We’re excited to continue working with them as they develop this product, which benefits both job seekers and employers alike.”

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