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Tips for Computer Safety During the Holidays

Have seasonal employees? Follow these tips to rest easier knowing your computers are safe.
Kwantek Team

With the holidays fast approaching, you’re probably beginning to bring on some extra help for the busy fourth quarter.  Seasonal employees are a great help for your organization, but you want to make sure that your equipment stays safe as well. Here are a few important tips to help make this time a safe and happy holiday season for your business:

1) Don’t Share Logins

For guards who use computers, make sure everyone has an individual login. Most seasonal guards only need minimum access needed to do their job. You don’t want a seasonal team member to be using another employee’s login, which might have access to features and reports that might include sensitive information.

2) Watch for Skimming

Security guards who are in a retail environment might not be aware of the newest ways that thieves are skimming.

In a retail environment, skimming devices are more often attached to the payment terminal at the checkout counter. (Sometimes thieves even replace the whole unit with a hacked version.) Train your guards to check the equipment daily, and look for extra wires or a false card swipe slot that may be attached on top of the real on. They should keep a close eye on anyone who appears to be “repairing” the devices and should always report this type of activity to a supervisor or manager.

3) Don’t Install Anything 

Remind your new and seasonal employees not to install or upgrade anything on the computer, even when prompted to. Leave that to your IT department or whoever manages your computer software. Tell the employee to inform their supervisor whenever a prompt does come up.

4) Keep Antivirus Up to Date

Your antivirus software sends out updates, not just for performance upgrades or changes, but to establish security against newly discovered viruses that have been identified as risks to your system. Ignoring these updates could leave your computer system susceptible to such viruses. Make sure your team informs you, or the point of contact you have chosen for IT issues, every time they are prompted to update the antivirus software.
Antivirus definitions should be updated daily if possible. Most antivirus software can be configured to automatically update itself each time it starts up.

Most seasonal team members are great workers who are anxious to impress you and to hold on to their new position long after the holiday season. With a little preparation and diligence, you can keep your holiday season secure, happy, and prosperous.

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