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Hiring The Wrong Person: Security Industry Nightmares

Kwantek Team

Hiring the wrong person can cost your security company thousands of dollars in lost productivity, work environment disruption, and customer dissatisfaction.

Understanding a candidates background can make a big difference.

Security companies face a huge problem with retention and turnover as they seek to fill hundreds of thousands of eligible positions a year. The continuous cycle of hiring caused by high staff turnover is a major threat to profitability for many companies, but especially so for the security services industry. The key to success lies in good people who can reinforce the feeling of trust and safety your clients need from their security provider. Kwantek, with its unique and powerful Applicant Tracking System, lets you focus your time on the candidates you want to hire. The integration of the Operating Style Assessment, Background Screening and Onboarding capabilities is designed to reduce turnover and bring efficiency to your industry. With the Kwantek system, you will be able to more efficiently filter through your candidates and eliminate paperwork. As your retention rates increase, you will save even more in hiring costs and will realize immediate savings of thousands of dollars. The Kwantek Applicant Tracking System is easy to implement, and the Kwantek team will walk your business through every step. You will realize immediate savings from the technological improvements and automated systems, then long-term savings as you close the revolving door on employee turnover.

Kwantek Applicant Assessment Solution

The Kwantek Applicant Assessment Solution allows you to understand the operating style and thinking strategy of the potential hire. After your applicants provide hiring information, they take a quick assessment that provides data about how they prefer to think and operate. This information is automatically compared to our assessment standard to quickly assist you in filtering your applicant pool for a particular job. A simple check mark identifies the most responsive candidates, so your staff can make better hires. The Kwantek system allows your staff to easily identify candidates worth spending time with. Your new hires are stronger, turnover decreases, profits increase, and your clients are happy.

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