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How Applicant Tracking Systems Change the Hiring Process

Kwantek Team

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS's) offer software that brings your hiring process online, supplying a platform that recruits, assesses, tracks and ultimately hires. Job seekers apply for your open positions online, then take an assessment that allows your company to meaningfully consider their suitability for the job. This eliminates paper trails and hours of work for your staff and, most importantly, allows you to hire people who are more likely to stay with the company, reducing turnover and increasing client satisfaction and profits.
With an Applicant Tracking System, your Human Resources department no longer tracks candidates manually. All applications are collected and sorted electronically, and EEO information is automatically collected and tracked. ATS's allows your company to tackle issues related to turnover. An exclusive assessment tool measures the potential employee’s natural operating style, and their data allows us to determine who would make a better hire. Some help you identify the most appropriate candidates from your applicant pool, reducing turnover significantly. Kwantek provides an Applicant Tracking System that is fully integrated with your company’s website and also provides the best assessment tool in the industry. The Kwantek system works – after implementing Kwantek, one security company saw turnover drop 55% over a 24-month period.

Some Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System


  • Speeds up the hiring process
  • Identifies most responsive candidates
  • Eliminates paper trail by automating tasks
  • Standardizes the hiring process


  • Integrates seamlessly with your website
  • Provides personalized customer service
  • Frees HR staff for other important work


1. Creating a Connection

Add our link to your website and we’ll do the rest. There are no development, programming or storage space requirements.

2. Website Integration

The link connects your website and the Kwantek system site seamlessly. We design the interface so your job seekers will use a site that looks exactly like your website.

3. Application Process Begins

With the Kwantek system, you direct all job seekers to your website. Starting with the website ensures that all of your applicant information is collected, analyzed and stored, and the information required by
EEOC is collected automatically.

4. Assessment Delivered

After your applicants fill out the hiring information, they take a quick assessment that provides data about their operating styles and thinking strategy. This information is automatically compared to our assessment standard to quickly identify the most appropriate person in your applicant pool for a particular job. You’ll be able to identify how satisfied they will be in the job, a great indicator of how long they will stay if hired.

5. Turnover Decreases

The Kwantek system allows your staff to easily identify a good hire and place them in the job where they will excel. Your new hires improve, your clients are happy, and your staff is freed from hours of paperwork and data tracking.

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