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How to Get Applicants to Notice Your Company  

Kwantek Team


Are you finding that you have fewer applicants applying for your job openings?  Is your target audience unresponsive?  Here are some tips to get the right candidates to notice you.

Write a Clear Job Posting

According to LinkedIn blogger Jen Picard, you need to be clear, specific, and honest about your open position.   Be specific about the expectations of the position.  You don’t want to get a plethora of applications; you want to get the right applicants.  What are the qualifications a candidate must have?  What qualification would be nice, but isn’t required?  Make sure you and your hiring team agree on the must-haves and the nice-to-haves before your position is posted.

Build Your Brand on Social Media

Educating applicants about your company will make them more interested in working for you.  Get more post views, a higher apply click rate, and increase company followers simply by posting more status updates for your company.  You can download this e-book on content marketing to understand what types of content work better than others and the best times of the day/week to make your updates. To engage applicants, include the following whenever you can:

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Infographics

What does your company offer to its employees that your competitors don’t?  Who is your target audience, and how are you going to communicate with them?  Using the right avenues for communicating to the right people is key in getting your company noticed.

Have a Career Website

Make it easy for applicants to find your company by having a career website.  Kwantek’s solution is branded to look just like your website.  Applicant information is collected, analyzed, and stored automatically.  You can create, edit, and post jobs directly to your website with customized search capabilities for your candidates.

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