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HR Analytics: Filtering and Keeping Candidates

Kwantek Team

Using HR data analytics software to make personnel decisions can help any company to be able to identify their best and brightest. With the data gathered in analytics software, companies can guide business decisions by measuring how their workforce is affecting the bottom line. Analytics software can help HR transform from the background of an organization to the forefront of the C-Suite.

What is HR Analytics?

Human Resource Analytics applies an analytic process to the human resource department with the goal of improving efficiency and receiving a higher return on investment. With HR analytics, business data can correlate to people data, to help establish connections like:

  • Identifying the most responsive candidate type.
  • Understanding how to utilize various job boards, social media, and the best communication tactics with today’s candidates.
  • Understanding where the applications are coming from – phone vs desktop

What matters most?

HR analytics software can provide information like recruiting time and cost per hire, employee turnover rate, and e-learning success rate. With Kwantek’s onboarding and applicant tracking solutions, employers can measure:

  • Time to hire
  • Employee retention rate

Do you need an analyst?

With some analytics software, many companies are turning to data scientists for help, or have sent HR staff to online courses for certifications in human resources analytics. With Kwantek’s solution, the reporting is simple and customizable, so there’s no need to hire an analyst. It is designed to be transparent to all parties involved in the approval process and provides a real-time dashboard so that managers can see where each person is in the hiring and OnBoarding process.

Document Management 

There are many organizations with HR data; however, data is often created and stored in multiple places in multiple formats. According to Forbes, 84% of large companies surveyed are dealing with data management and reporting challenges. Those teams who are able to deliver metrics are twice as likely to be delivering high-impact recruiting solutions and their leadership pipelines are healthier.

Kwantek’s solution keeps all application and OnBoarding documents in one place in the same format. It removes all redundancy and ensures that all employees have all necessary forms organized in one place. With the data and reporting so simple, organizations can save thousands every year on resources and staff time.

How Our Data is Unique

After implementation of Kwantek’s solution, assessment data and benchmarks are stored and monitored.   Using that information, we can then create an outline of the employees right for your business, not just to the industry standards, so that you can find the most responsive candidates for your specific needs. Since Kwantek is focused on a few select industries, we have an in-depth knowledge of your business operations, which is reflected in our data.

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