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Compliance Tips

Kwantek Team

With employment laws that are constantly changing and employment lawsuits that are increasing year-over-year, Human Resources managers need to ensure that their records are correct and complete. HR leaders from companies of all sizes are seeking third party help to become, and stay, compliant.

Top Compliance Issues

Compliance violations can cost an organization time and money. Examples of common violations can include:

• Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) violations, resulting in expensive lawsuits
• Wage and hour violations that can lead to audits of ALL payroll records
• Unemployment compensation that can lead to a costly unemployment claim
• Discrimination that can lead to an EEO investigation and settlement

A Culprit: Document Management

Poor or nonexistent documentation practices can cost an employer time and money. Documentation must be accurate and complete in case any employment issue comes under scrutiny. Many businesses aren’t even aware of human resource-related compliance issues until contacted by an enforcement agency. By then, it’s too late. All businesses should keep the following documentation on every employee:

• Hiring records, including applications and resumes
• Drug testing records (kept separately from supervisor access)
• Background check records (kept separately from supervisor access)
• Credit check records (kept separately from supervisor access)
• Form I-9
• Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) data (kept separately from personnel files)
• Payroll files, including W-4s, garnishments, wage deduction acknowledgements, and time-keeping records

The Solution

With Kwantek, all candidates go through a step-by-step process so that all information is complete. What this means is that every individual who is hired has all paperwork completed and organized to keep the organization in compliance. HR managers can be as confident about being prepared for EEO or I-9 audits as they are about payroll and benefits.

Once an individual is hired, Kwantek’s OnBoarding solution tracks all hiring documentation in one place, including:

• W-4 and I-9
• E-verify
• Direct Deposit
• Policy and Compliance Management

How it Works

Once hired, the employee goes through Kwantek’s system and fills out a question-and-answer process.

• Paperwork and documentation is auto-populated and stored in a secure online portal.
• Any required documentation is scanned or faxed to be included in the employee’s file.
• All forms are sent to the appropriate person or department to review and approve.
• HR and Operations can review a real-time dashboard to keep track of where employees are in the OnBoarding process.

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