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The Candidate Experience

Kwantek Team

According to Forbes, a good candidate experience is brilliant marketing for your organization, and a bad candidate experience can cause the right applicant to turn down the job.  In fact, 27% of applicants who had a negative experience would actively discourage colleagues from applying.  On the other side, when candidates have a positive experience and are hired, you get a loyal employee who will hit the ground running.

A Positive Experience Makes a Difference

Business News Daily reports that more than 80 percent of employers think that there is no negative impact if a candidate has a poor experience during the hiring process.  However, by communicating regularly with candidates, establishing a smooth application process, and engaging with job seekers on social media, nearly 70 percent of applicants are more willing to buy products or services from your company.

Keep it Simple

A time-consuming and confusing application process can easily dissuade a high-potential candidate.  With a solution like Kwantek, candidates will fill out applications only once.  Once hired, employees fill out W-2, I-9, and other paperwork only once.   Data entry is simplified, and everything is saved in one place.  You’re saving valuable time and resources while keeping the experience positive and streamlined for the applicant.

 Make it Convenient

Candidates are applying from all types of devices, and Kwantek’s solutions are available on smart phone, tablet, or laptop.  The application and assessment are also available in Spanish.  Having convenient application process makes your company look more favorable to the candidate.

With a simplified, convenient application process, your organization will be able to attract and keep the most responsive candidates for your open positions.

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