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Kwantek 2018 Year in Review: Bringing You More, Better Applicants

Kwantek Team

When it comes it hiring in the commercial cleaning and security industries, there are two primary challenges: not enough applicants and high turnover.

So in 2018, we’ve focused our efforts on solving for those two challenges. We’ve released a number of new features this year that are designed to help our customers get not only more applicants for every job posting but also better applicants.

Working Style Assessment 2.0

Our first iteration of the Working Style Assessment helped employers determine two important traits about potential hires: their ability to follow rules, and their ability to work in a repetitive environment.

By using our assessment to identify candidates with these traits, we were able to help our customers find employees who were much more likely to stay with the company long-term.

But we discovered that there’s more that needs to be considered. Not every job in building services and security is the same. A daytime cleaning job may require a great deal of interaction with interaction with others. On the other hand, nighttime security guards may spend their entire shifts alone.

So this year, we enhanced our Working Style Assessment to help you determine a candidate’s preferred working style. The enhanced assessment helps you determine which candidates prefer working alone, which prefer working as part of a team, and which have leadership skills.

Using the new assessment, our customers can find ideal candidates not only for the industry but also for the specific positions they’re looking to fill.

Learn More:

Introducing: Working Style Assessment 2.0

Working Style 2.0 in Action

Incomplete Application Text Reminders

Studies show that 60% of job-seekers abandon their applications before completing them. Simply re-engaging those candidates is a quick way to increase the number of applications you receive for open roles.

To make it easier for our customers to re-engage with candidates who abandoned their applications mid-process, we added a few features: incomplete application text reminders.

When candidates fail to complete their applications, we follow up with those candidates via a text message reminder. The result: a 17% increase in the percentage of completed applications.

Learn More:

Text Reminders Provide Lift in Applicant Volume

Prospects Tab

In addition to sending text reminders to candidates with incomplete applications, we also added a way for employers to see a list of candidates who failed to finish applying: the Prospects Tab.

Now when you log in to Kwantek, you can see a list of individuals who abandoned their applications before completing them. Then, use the details that have been captured to evaluate prospective employees in the same way you would those who completed their applications.

If you find someone you’re interested in hiring, you can send them either a custom email or a prewritten email reminder to encourage them to finish applying for the role.

Learn More:

Introducing: The Prospects Tab

MyCleaningJobs.com and MyGuardJobs.com

Niche job boards provide a better experience for both job seekers and employers alike.

For job seekers, it means they don’t have to spend as much time searching and scrolling through job posts looking for the exact type of job they want. All of the posts on a niche job board are for jobs in their industry.

For employers, it means you’re getting applications from candidates who are specifically looking for a job in your industry. As a result, the applications you get are more likely to be from people with experience in the industry—and from people who are going to be a better fit for your company.

With that in mind, this year we introduced MyCleaningJobs.com and MyGuardJobs.com—two niche job boards catered specifically to employers and job seekers in the commercial cleaning and security industries.

Posting your jobs on niche, industry specific-job boards increases the likelihood that you’ll get better applicants. Additionally, jobs posted on both sites are indexed on Google for Jobs—which shows job postings at the top of Google’s search results—increasing the visibility of your job postings, and driving more candidates to apply for your open roles.

Learn More:

Introducing: MyCleaningJobs.com

Kwantek Launches MyGuardJobs.com

Bringing You More, Better Applicants This Year—and Next

Kwantek’s applicant tracking system is designed specifically for companies in the commercial cleaning and security industries. It gives you the tools you need to generate a larger pool of candidates—and to screen those candidates to find those with the highest potential for long-term retention.

If you’re ready to enjoy increased applications and decreased turnover next year, schedule a demo, and we’ll show you how we can help.

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