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Kwantek - 2019 Year in Review

In 2019, Kwantek added a multitude of new features and updates, making it faster and easier to get your job done.
Kwantek Team

2019 was a huge year for Kwantek as we continued to evolve our platform to better fit our clients’ needs. The wide-ranging updates we made improved each stage of the applicant funnel and improved back-end efficiency.

We’re excited for even more changes in 2020, but let’s take a look at the new developments that rolled out this year.

Facebook Integration

In May, we launched a new integration with Jobs on Facebook. Job posts may appear in multiple places on Facebook, including a business’ Company Page and in the Facebook Jobs Marketplace.

When people are interested in the job, brief applications can be completed directly on Facebook. The integration sends the job prospect’s information to Kwantek for them to be worked internally.

Within just 5 short months, Facebook now accounts for 10% of all Kwantek prospects & candidates as a result of this integration!

ZipRecruiter Integration

In September, we launched a new integration with ZipRecruiter. Kwantek clients’ jobs are automatically sent to ZipRecruiter’s online marketplace, and we’re already seeing great results. With time we expect this to continue to grow into a major source of applicants for our clients.

ZipRecruiter also sees this opportunity and wants to help. This December, they agreed to promote all Kwantek jobs free of charge for one month in an effort to help the building services and security industries.

Two-Way Text Messaging

In November, we announced the launch of an enhanced text messaging platform through a partnership with ZipWhip.

Last year, we rolled out automatic SMS reminders for partial applicants to complete their application. The percentage of applications completed jumped 17% as a result of this new feature.

Now with ZipWhip, Kwantek clients will have the ability to have two-way text (SMS) communication with job candidates using their business phone number. For Kwantek users, it performs the exact same way as the email candidate feature. But for many candidates, text messages are far more convenient method of communication.

Learn more about the ZipWhip for Kwantek integration by clicking here.


Scheduling candidates for interviews has never been easier. Hiring managers now have the ability to send interview invitations directly from the candidate’s profile page within Kwantek.

We’ve added the ability to schedule both phone interviews and in-person interviews, as well as group interviews. Kwantek users will be able to notify the candidate of all date, time, and location details, plus include any special instructions for the candidate.

Be on the lookout for additional enhancements to this feature in 2020!

Enhanced Analytics Platform

We completely revamped our analytics platform to provide a significantly faster and more robust platform to keep accurate track of your hiring teams’ performance.

Just a handful of dashboards completely replaced over 20 individual reports, giving you more data than ever in a vastly more efficient process.

Bulk Candidate Import

There are several different reasons one may want to import multiple candidates on a given job. Great job candidates can live within a historical database, a job fair, or inside another job board. There is immense value in these candidates, but your team has to process them from multiple areas.

That’s why we added the bulk candidate import feature. This new feature allows you to take a spreadsheet or file export of candidates from another system and import them directly into Kwantek. This way, your team can work through the candidates the way they’re used to in an efficient, streamlined manner.

2020 and Beyond

2020 will bring another exciting batch of updates all geared toward making Kwantek more powerful and efficient for each member of your team. We're excited to roll out large-scale updates in 2020 that will make a massive impact on your recruiting departments and businesses as a whole.

Stay tuned - and Happy New Year from all of us at Kwantek!

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