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Mastering Messaging in Your Recruiting Process

How to Use Messaging to Build Trust from Your Candidates at the Very Beginning
Collie King

This is the final post in a five-part series on the pre-hire process in high-turnover industries. Our data comes primarily from helping post over 1,000,000 jobs in the building services, janitorial, and security industries.

In business, mastering your marketing message should be a top priority. What is your unique selling proposition? What are your unique differentiators? How will you solve a problem for your audience?

These are common questions to ask yourself when devising a plan to drum up new business. When targeting accounts, you’re going to need to know what you’re going to say and how you can make them receptive to working with you.

All would agree it is important to invest a great deal of time and/or money into perfecting this sort of client-facing messaging.

Are you investing the same energy into perfecting your candidate-facing message?

To become a truly great B2B (business to business) marketer, you must first become a great B2C (business to candidate, in this case) marketer. It’s vitally important to perfect the latter because your product will then begin to speak for itself.

Top of the Funnel

You’re likely well aware there are dozens of competitors in your industry who are ready to take business from the clients you desire.

As such, when dealing with potential clients, you practice empathy. You listen. You’re aware of how aggressive you appear. You work to understand the client’s true needs so you can build trust with them.

This same careful, thoughtful approach needs to be replicated in your interactions with job candidates.

Employee happiness starts with their first impression of you. That first impression comes when they research your company online before they ever even talk to you. Is your online presence working to attract job candidates or just potential new clients?

You can easily showcase some of your employees through social media and your blog. Take video of them. Highlight their accomplishments. Create a monthly employee spotlight for employees who have been with you for several years.

This is the activity that makes you stand out from the dozens of other employers out there. In today’s job market, the candidate has all the power, much like your clients!

Make sure you’re emphasizing you have a great place to work, as this is going to be a key driver of applicant volume.

Bottom of Funnel

Now that you have the application, it’s time to close the deal.

Again, think back to how you close business deals. Is your approach “take it or leave it” or do you work to understand what your client wants?

Are you making an effort to make a relationship with them?

If you’ve gotten to this point in business, you’ve surely realized empathy and trust are the top traits to cultivate.

Hiring should be no different!

Are you presenting yourself as a caring employer or somebody looking for a warm body?

Are you showing you care about the candidate?

Are you listening to them?

If you’re not making yourself appealing to them from the beginning to the end, your employment struggles are only going to continue.

People Are Your Product

The product you put in the marketplace is directly correlated with the quality of people you hire.

Your employees are interacting with your clients on a daily basis. As such, you should be investing in the assurance you can be proud of that interaction.

Ultimately, your people are your product. Invest in their happiness and morale from the very beginning. By doing so, you’ll keep employees longer, retain clients longer, and generate more referrals.

Perfecting the Pre-Hire Process Webinar

If you've found this series helpful, we invite you to watch a replay of our webinar where we went even more in-depth on each phase of the pre-hire process. Join our CEO, Collie King, as he dissects each stage of the applicant funnel to help you identify which parts of the process you need to improve.

In the webinar, you'll learn:

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  2. Which numbers to track in your pre-hire process and why.
  3. How to build trust with applicants and make them want to work for you.
  4. How to generate more applicants, more interviews, and more accepted offers.

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