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Three Lessons I Learned from Indeed

Above all else, BSC and Security Companies must focus on enhancing the job seeker experience.
Jeff Davis

Jeff at Indeed sqThis past week I was given a rare opportunity to sit down with the Search Quality team at Indeed.

The adventure actually started with a quick meeting a few weeks ago with the head of Alliances at HR Tech in Las Vegas. We discussed the nuanced challenges in hiring for our industries and my contact thought this information should be relayed to Search Quality.

By now, nearly everyone in the BSC and Security industries is aware of Indeed’s policy enforcement regarding organic posts.

The change has been challenging for clients and non-clients alike, leaving many frustrated and confused. Our team has worked hard to decipher the rules, advocate for our clients, and relay information as quickly as we get it.

Still, there were many questions to be answered so when I was given a short window to meet with the team I jumped on a plane to Austin. Here’s what I learned:

Lesson 1: Indeed’s growth is staggering.

My main contact at Indeed was employee number 800 or so, and he started just a few years ago.

They have over 10,000 employees now.

They’ve grown from one building to (almost) four. That type of growth is staggering. If you’ve ever worked in a high-growth organization, you know the challenges with remaining focused and delivering a consistent product.

The people I met were extremely intelligent and passionate about their mission to help people get jobs. And it’s important to note: their policies seem to be made with the best intentions of protecting the job seeker.

As with most high growth companies, executing on those policies is sometimes inconsistent.

Lesson 2: Search Quality is listening.

In full disclosure, I expected some hostility from this team.

We’ve been very aggressive in our communication over the past few months. My contacts coached me on the message and I was ready to deal with the fallout, but that didn’t happen.

Instead, I was greeted by a team of 3 managers who were eager to learn more about our industries.

They weren’t aware of your staffing challenges or the competitive nature of hiring cleaners/guards.

Our conversation centered around the job seeker. We talked about how some GREAT companies are losing good candidates, while some less-reputable companies are getting more organic volume. That’s not good for the job seeker!

Lesson 3: Indeed is a business, and they have a clearly defined mission.

Their mission is to help people get jobs.

I know I mentioned this above, but the slogan is EVERYWHERE, so it’s worth repeating:

Indeed helps people get jobs.

They are 100% driven to support the job seeker. Employers are second to the job seeker.

If job seekers within certain markets complain about positions or job postings, Search Quality looks for trends and acts swiftly.

Our industry has a lot of turnover. Inherent in that turnover are applicants who complain.

These complaints are taken very seriously and lead to new policies which impact us. There is no quick fix, but focusing on the job seeker experience will help over time. Be specific in your job posting, take down filled reqs, and don’t mislead or spam.


There were no promises made or changes in policy. The Search Quality team will continue to make and enforce policies based on their data and best judgement. We are seeing more and more clients get approved for organic traffic, but no blanket changes in policy.

That being said, we still made huge strides.

To our knowledge, this was the first ever onsite visit between an ATS and Search Quality.

My role was to be an (unofficial) ambassador for the BSC and Security industries, armed with data and a passion to help solve the problem. Luckily, both parties share the same desire and passion.

I fully believe that we will see future changes that help both employers and applicants, but for now we need to stay the path and keep beating the drum.


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