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Why You Should Be Texting Your Applicants

Text messaging has become a standard, universally used method of communication. It's time to include it in your recruitment process.
Kwantek Team

For most people, text messaging has become a part of our everyday lives, and in many cases it has eliminated the short phone call altogether.

Most people now prefer text messages to phone calls - especially if it’s a simple response.

In fact, text messaging has now surpassed the phone both in volume and total time spent. Americans send and receive 5 times more text messages than phone calls, and spend nearly 25% more time texting than they do talking on the phone.

And as nearly half of our calls are spam in 2019, answering the phone has become something many of us avoid altogether.

While text messaging may be seen as informal, unprofessional, and perhaps even daunting for HR professionals in the BSC and Security industries, it is a communication method that can drastically improve your hiring team’s efficiency.

What Does Texting Applicants Really Mean?

In case you were wondering - no, you don’t have to pull out your personal cell phone to send text messages to applicants. In fact, you should absolutely not do that.

If that were the case, text messaging in the recruiting sense would have a hard time gaining adoption, as that scenario would be frightening for a multitude of reasons.

Thanks to the Kwantek integration with Zipwhip, two-way texting is built right into the Kwantek platform. Taking advantage of this integration allows you to send text messages to candidates just like you would send them an email.

Functionally, for you the hiring manager, it performs the exact same way as email.

But for your candidates, it is a far easier method of communication than email - making it easier for you to reach and engage all your candidates.

Texting: By the Numbers

Unread emails are piling up. The average person has ZERO unread text messages and over four unread emails at any given time.

  • 74% of consumers report having zero unread text messages, and only 4% report having more than 7 unread texts.
  • 17% of consumers report having zero unread emails, and 50% report having more than 7 unread emails.

Text message response times are drastically faster. This shows text messaging is both more natural and more of a priority than email.

  • 74% of consumers said they respond to a text message from a business within an hour.
  • 41% of consumers said they respond to an email from a business within an hour.

Text messaging is the Preferred Method of Appointment Scheduling. Overwhelmingly, people would rather text with a business to schedule an appointment than talk on the phone or through email.

  • 67% of consumers said they prefer texting over phone or email when scheduling appointments.

Text Message Guidelines in Recruiting

While it’s clear text messaging plays a critical role in your recruitment process, there are important guidelines to follow to maximize its effectiveness.

  1. Don’t ignore other communication channels. While texting is extremely popular and effective, there are still others who prefer the more traditional means of communication. Use texting as an additional written communication channel. If your candidate proves more responsive to texts than emails, then you may exclusively text for simple communication.

  2. Introduce yourself. Your candidate does not have this number in their phone, and “signatures” are for email. Introduce yourself right off the bat in the first text message, and clearly state your name and your company.

  3. Keep It Simple. Brevity is one of the biggest reasons texting is so popular, so get straight to the point and keep the message as simple as possible.

    For example: "Hi, this is Lisa with Sparkle Clean Co. We reviewed your application and would like to schedule a phone interview. Are you available Tuesday at 2pm?"
  4. Send Reminders. In the BSC and Security industries, applicants have notoriously high no-show rates for interviews. Text messaging is the very best way to ensure they see the reminder for their upcoming interview.

Text messaging is here to stay, and it is a critical component of your communication strategy in your recruitment process. To learn more about how Zipwhip texting works inside the Kwantek platform, click here to request a demo.

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