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Introducing: Working Style Assessment 2.0

Following this hiring method will increase the likelihood of a candidate remaining employed for one year or more by 35% in the Building Services and Security Industries.


Kwantek Team

Using our working style assessment, we have been able to analyze millions of candidates in the Building Services and Security industries. This has helped us understand the pre-hire indicators of long-term employees. Historically, the assessment has provided color-coded checkmarks to indicate the likelihood of long-term retention.

After analyzing a year of additional data and thousands of employees, we’ve been able to add a new piece to the retention puzzle that will make your hiring decisions even easier.

Hiring for Fit

The Assessment is designed to identify an applicant’s ideal work environment, which helps employers place the applicant in a role best suited for their individual preferences.

This leads to a higher likelihood of the candidate being happy with their job, which leads to a higher likelihood of long-term retention.

In the past, a checkmark system was used to indicate the person’s Focus Style and Knowledge Style as determined by the assessment.

In short, we were able to identify which employees desired a predictable, repetitive job. We were also able to identify those who preferred to know as many details as possible (rule-followers).

In both the Building Services and Security industries, we were able to prove these two traits (as determined by the assessment) were highly correlated with employee retention of greater than one year. Thus, these candidates received green checkmarks.

This is certainly a tremendous help. However, to truly maximize the effectiveness of the Assessment, the candidate’s actual role must be taken into consideration.

To determine the proper fit, we must ask - do they prefer working by themselves or around a lot of people? Do they have leadership skills? Is this candidate good for a single event?

This can help us determine the role.

Take for example a Security Company with two job openings at a busy office building. One opening is a day shift when the office building is heavily occupied, and the other is a night shift when most have gone home for the night.

By placing the candidate who prefers working alone with minimal human interaction in the night shift, the company is able to place the right candidate in the right role. Our new icon system removes the guesswork in determining this natural fit.

Candidates with over-performing profile styles are shown to have a 35% greater likelihood of remaining with the company for one year or longer if placed in a position that matches their profile characteristics!

Our new icon system is easier to understand and and our software makes it easy to filter out the candidates who are unlikely to be a good fit. Using this system will help you make better decisions in the hiring process that is statistically proven to improve retention!


Kwantek Assessment Icons



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